Floor Coating

SpECtop CPD Primer SB TDS

Description SpECtop CPD Primer SB is a two-part, solvent based low viscosity epoxy resin, for priming concrete surfaces prior to the application of the SpECtop CPD System. Applications: SpECtop CPD Primer SB is suitable for providing an excellent bond between cementitious surfaces and the SpECtop CPD System range. Advantages: SpECtop CPD Primer SB has low […]


SpECtop CPD Finish

Description SpECtop CPD Finish is a two pack, flexible polyurethane wearing surface forming part of the SpECtop CPD System. Applications: As a coloured finish coat over the SpECtop CPD Primer SB/SpECtop CPD Primer SF or SpECtop CPD Elastomeric Membrane as part of the SpECtop CPD System. Advantages: Hard wearing Good chemical resistance Slip resistant finish […]


SpECtop SRE500 TDS3

Description SpECtop SRE500 is a two-part epoxy resin system which produces a high build, hard wearing, chemically resistant floor coating. Where required SpECtop NS GRAINS may be included to produce a slip resistant surface. Applications: SpECtop SRE500 may be used in industrial and commercial situations to provide an abrasion resistant finish in areas subjected to […]