Plant box & green box

SpECtite HP600

  Description: One-part pitch-based polyurethane elastomeric membrane. Liquid applied, high polymer which cures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a tough, flexible and elastomeric membrane product with excellent water resistance and low vapor permeability. Applications: Buildings and civil engineering structures in a variety of situations, such as: Tiled floors in bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens […]


Flagon PVC SR

Description PVC membrane with Polyester reinforced. Application: Exposed roof. Landscape Area. Painter Box. Advantages Fungi or moisture resistance. Anti-root Anti-UV, weather resistance. Property Application Waterproofing membrane for roof, landscape or planter box.. Dimension 1.2mm x 1m x 20m or 1.5mm x 1m x 18.7m Material PVC gia cường polyester Overlap Hot welded Installation Post-applied. Downloads: […]