SpECtite CW100


Two-component polymer modified cementitious coating. The product may be trowel, brush or spray applied to provide a flexible, waterproofing membrane


SpECtite CW100 may be used where there is a requirement to exclude water from a building or retain it within a structure. The material is particularly effective where there is a requirement for crack bridging capability, typically in the following situations:

  • Potable water containers, tanks and reservoirs
  • Swimming pools and silos
  • Waterproofing planter boxes
  • Waterproofing new and existing buildings
  • As a backing to marble and granite to prevent water ingress and thus alleviate surface staining
  • Protection against brackish water
  • Coating seawater channels
  • Wet areas, toilets, balconies & loggia


  • Withstands hydrostatic pressures
  • Good bond strength to concrete and masonry
  • Good crack bridging capabilities even after long periods of immersion
  • Long pot life even at high temperatures


Description Flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane
Attributes Two-component. Liquid after mixing, easy to apply
Application Mix two components
Trowelable, brushable, sprayable
Yield avg. 11 m2 per package, depends on surface’s attributes and membrane’s thickness
Packaging Two pouches per 22.1kg package


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