SpECtop CPD Primer SB TDS


SpECtop CPD Primer SB is a two-part, solvent based low viscosity epoxy resin, for priming concrete surfaces prior to the application of the SpECtop CPD System.


SpECtop CPD Primer SB is suitable for providing an excellent bond between cementitious surfaces and the SpECtop CPD System range.


SpECtop CPD Primer SB has low viscosity properties, which enable the material to penetrate the substrate. This penetration and the chemical bond, which forms between the primer and the subsequently applied topping, provides a bond greater than the cohesive strength of the parent concrete.


Description Car park deck primer
Attributes Two-component
Material Polyurethane
Application Mix two components
Apply by stiff brush
recommend pairing with SpECtop CPD Finish
Yield avg. 10-15m2/liter, depends on surface’s attributes (see Technical Datasheet)
Packaging 2 drums per package
NET Volume 1.5 liter & 15 liter


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